Skjonberg CS-400RLX

Skjonberg CS-400RLX

  The CS-400RLX is the 4 channel version of our popular CS-800LX hoist relay control. Hoists running through 7 pin Socapex, 7 pin Litton Veam or 14 pin Cannon use the CS-400RLX. Four chain motors can be run individually or in unison  
  • Runs up to 4 hoists
  • 30amp Hubbell power input connector
  • Litton, Veam or Socapex hoist power and control output connectors
  • 50amp main emergency disconnect contactors
  • Safety keyswitch for on/off and phase selection
  • Input phase reversal
  • Phase power indicators
  • Choice of chassis: 19” rack mountable or radial curved sides for standalone use
  • Branch circuit breaker protection, 2 hoists per breaker
  • Protective bar over circuit breakers
  • Multi-pin connector to accept our standard remote cable
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