Klarkteknik AES50 Repeater

AES50 Repeater

Klarkteknik AES50 Repeater


Dual Port AES50 Repeater with up to 100 Metre Range

  The DN9610 provides a very cost-effective solution to the 100 metre limitation that Ethernet and CAT5 cabling imposes on the physical size of AES50 networks. Its compact form factor allows DN9610 to be placed where required to increase the length of a network connection, all that is needed is a source of mains power. DN9610 acts as a repeater to allow two independent AES50 connections to be extended by up to an additional 100 metres, without the need for format conversion or the use of optical fi bre cable. DN9610 is capable of both 48 kHz and 96 kHz operation, with its two AES50 connections able to operate at different sample rates simultaneously. Each connection can support 48 bidirectional channels at 96 kHz, or 96 bidirectional channels at 48 kHz sample rate. The two AES50 connections are also ideal for use with dual-redundant networks, such as the X and Y connections used on MIDAS digital console systems. Multiple DN9610 units can be connected in series, allowing AES50 to be transmitted over considerable distances. Whilst AES50 is bidirectional in operation, to maximise ease-of-use when cascading multiple units, the two AES50 connections on DN9610 each feature a nominal input and output port to simplify reference clock distribution. Through-unit propagation delay is less than 0.5 microseconds, which has a negligible effect on overall AES50 system link latencies. http://www.music-group.com/
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