AMP'D Entertainment
The Inland Northwest's # 1 Choice for Entertainment, Audio/Visual and Sales!!

School DJ's and Professional Lighting Shows

Inland Northwest #1 Choice for Everything Entertainment.......

AMP'D Entertainment has proved time and time again why we are #1 for DJ'S, Professional Lighting, and Photobooth's for School Dances and Events. With our Online planning system, the school's young adults can login online via our website and actually choose the music that is played and what is not played!!

Second, with all our lighting shows, every light is controlled individually with a DMX controller so we can change the scene and the feel of the dance anytime.

Third, we have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in our equipment so that not every show is the same. We offer many different ideas and work with your school individually one on one to create a eye-poping, dazzling light and video show!

Our inventory includes: Square Box Truss, Moving Head Lights, Strobe Lights, Wash Lights, Haze Machines, Low Lying Dry Ice Fog Fachine, and Speakers so loud, that if we wanted to, we could blow out all the glass in the gym, but we would never do such a thing!!!! ;)

We have also, over the course of the years, included video options as well. LCD's, Projectors, and Screens. Whether it's music video, or just plain graphics playing all night long, AMP'D Entertainment has the ability to do it all!

You Control The Music! No Seriously, all your guests or associates or family members and friends can use the link below to choose the music played with our ONLINE MUSIC REQUEST LINK! Once confirmed, you will receive a guest password to assign to anyone you want and they can use that login to request music for the event. It is really that easy!!

Custom Dance Announcements are detailed for your school. These announcements are played over the intercom system at your school to encourage and to remind the students to purchase their dance tickets and let them know how much fun they are going to have.

Coeur D' Alene High School Sophomore Dance. What a Great Time.